Sunday, November 27, 2016

Anybody still out there?

So I'll to try to keep this short. I'm just going to post this to see if anyone notices or responds.

Some thoughts:

  • Blogspot sure is dead. I think the "blogosphere" has faded with time. Being able to say what you want to say in 140 characters or less has taken over to the point where the idea of self-important "bloggers" seems like a silly artifact of the old Internet. I can't say I miss it, either. Anyone can make a blog and type up huge bodies of text about anything they want to feel important for, all while maintaining some distance from their readers. It's dumb. reddit and any other websites encouraging aggregation and collaboration are way better.
  • I had no idea how to market myself at all. There was zero effort put into promoting this blog. What a waste of time.
  • I guess I still agree with the basic premise of antinatalism. It's pretty simple, really: If something doesn't consent to being subjected to bad stuff, and their experiencing the bad stuff has no provably objective goal in the universe, then there's no reason to subject the thing to the bad stuff. I still also agree that pain (nociception) is fundamentally different from any positive feelings that a sentient being can experience. The dice-rolling thought experiment is so important. What are the odds that you'd require before rolling a die that had bone cancer as one of its sides? 1 in 100? 1 in 10,000? Even with the other sides being everything you could ever want in life, is it worth the risk?
  • Lots of big words being tossed around here. I guess I was pretty pretentious. Working in an office where you have to write extremely simple emails with your coworkers all day for years will fix that.
  • Society seems to be heading in a really interesting, and potentially awesome, direction. A lot of younger folks -- the "millennials" -- have gotten swept up by social media in this frenzy of entitlement and coddling, which is unfortunate. Self-righteousness and know-it-all behavior is getting way out of hand thanks to echo chambers and constant networking. They could potentially pull this whole thing apart, but it seems like general AI might be able to cancel out the effects of giving hundreds of millions of social primates the capability to do what said AI should actually be in charge of handling. But we'll see. I guess I'm as big of a technocrat as ever.
  • Life's not all bad. Ranting angrily on an anonymous Internet blog, on an outdated platform, is not going to solve the problem of uneducated third worlders having kids. But we probably aren't going to do much about the third world anytime soon, anyway, because capitalism (or, more accurately, neo-liberal globalism). So we might as well focus on domestic issues instead, and try to keep our population educated, healthy, and productive. I think that's far more important than trying to actively convince anyone to stop having kids. I'll never have kids, and I might try to get the basic antinatalist argument -- the really, crudely simple core argument -- across in very basic terms, but there's a lot worse that's going on, right now. Immigration, Islam, feminism, sexual degeneracy, reverse racism, fake social justice, entitlement, extreme censorship of "radical" ideas, childish attacks on anyone anti-establishment (especially from young people who are weirdly obsessed with keeping elites in power due to being brainwashed by the media), etc. are turning us into losers. Hopefully, the established order held in place by the media and corporate America starts being slowly knocked away over the next four years. It'll be an interesting experiment. If any momentum is gained, we'll have to do a hell of a lot better than what the current guy is proposing, but it's a start. Maybe we'll keep the degeneracy at  bay for a solid twenty years until the AI is ready to actually fix things.
  • Fellas, if you want a good female, I wouldn't recommend using online dating, because most of the women there are disasters. The obesity, the multiple kids, the lack of education, etc. are all the by-products of sucking on the tit of big government. They're somehow getting by because of the way the system is designed, in spite of no men wanting them. God only knows what kind of mental disorders and attachment issues they have that prevent them from remaining in a stable relationship. Women offline are usually much better, but they're hard to find if you don't already know them from your immediate social circle. Don't cold approach like a creepy Red Piller. That's dumb. Maybe get involved in church, move to a rural state, or find a more conservative community where women who still believe in the stability of the family unit exist (and yes, you can adopt if you're an antinatalist -- if you care about such things).
  • The Venus Project? Really? Hilariously terrible idea. In spite of my post where I was being extremely nitpicky about terminology, it's pretty much a variant of communism.
  • Are we living in a simulation? I think so. The evidence is overwhelming. There seems to be a purpose behind all of this. Elon Musk is a shill and the reddit circlejerk over him is embarrassing, though. I think the evidence goes beyond the basic argument laid out by Nick Bostrom. The reality is somewhere between that extremely simple premise and the woo of Tom Campbell. Maybe I should start a new blog... or maybe a subreddit, or someplace that's actually useful, because this site sucks and no one is ever going to read this.
Sayonara, cucks!